Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Bonjour! Je m'appelle Cheryl et je suis tres excite parce que je vais a montreal dans deux semaines! Je serai un nounou (haha!) pour emile et Juliet qui sont sept et quatre ans.
That's about the extent of my french and admit I looked up the words for weeks, nanny, and the verb will. But anyway, if that didn't make sense I told you that I'm going to Montreal in 2 weeks to nanny for Emile (7) and Juliet (4). And I'm so excited! Because long distance will be sooooooo crazy expensive, I probably won't get to talk on the phone or text a lot but I'll try to keep you all updated via blogging (even though I've never really used it much before) and facebook and email. There will be pictures :)
Au revoir mes amis! J'aime vous!


Monday, February 2, 2009

finally a post....

Blogging....I've been a terrible blogger lately. I just haven't had time or anything to write about..... But anyway, I'm at work doing nothing so I thought I might as well update everyone who always complains about how I haven't made a post since high school graduation... so here's a little update.
Lately I've been really busy with school. I've just been doing some generals, some classes recommended to take to help you get into the music program and a few political science classes. I realized that I love political science, love all dance except tap, and still love music and voice. My voice lessons have helped me so much. Anyway, I auditioned for the music dance theatre major on Saturday. It was mighty intense! I don't find out until I'm just waiting and trying to be patient. I also plan to minor in political science and maybe double minor in international relations (and poli sci) or business (and poli sci). If I get the opportunity I'd also love to go to law school. Anyway, those are my new plans. It's been interesting being at this point where I have to decide what I want out of life and for the rest of forever. Lots of big decisions. 
Another thing that has been interesting, new, and VERY different: my best friends are all starting to get married. My good friend Jess Nielson got married last summer and now my best friend Jessica Warr is getting married in May. It's wonderful, but a little crazy! and unbelievable! and weird. It feels like we were just in high school....(oh wait we were...) 
 School is wonderful! My new job is fantastic (I'm a secretary for the rugby and lacrosse coaches at byu). Life is good! :) Peace!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cheryl's graduated!

Hey! Just to update, I took my last final for my last class of high school a couple weeks ago. I was doing it online through byu independent study, so now I'm all done with high school! I'm graduated! It's a nice feeling! Anyway, dad said I should make some kind of announcement so this is it I suppose! Love y'all!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today I am 18......I am now officially an adult. The interesting thing is that I've almost truly thought that I was already 18 for the last like 3 months! Since I'm done with high school, working full time, and going to relief society, it feels like I should have been at least 18 already! But now facts coincide with how I feel! I should probably invite some people to take a look at my blog or really there's absolutely no point in writing all this......I'll do that.....tomorrow....:)
I'm 18.....I dry ice.....I'll vote.....yeah.
Well, goodnight all my wonderful....thus far imaginary friends.
Cheryl Lynn

Friday, April 25, 2008


Everyone has a blogspot so.....I thought I'd hop on board and be one of the cool kids. Now I just have to come up with something to write blogs about.....